The purpose of the Methuen Youth Hockey Association is to promote the development of character and good sportsmanship in the youth of Methuen through hockey, to promote the game of hockey, and to hold and arrange hockey games.

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Cross-Ice Play Integral to NHL Development Camps

Cross-Ice Play Integral to NHL Development Camps
by USA Hockey

After they slip a sweater over their top prospects, NHL teams ship those talented teenagers to summer development camp for professional competition and training.

Cross-ice hockey is a staple of those camps, as teams look to maximize player development in the era of homegrown talent trumping free-agent frenzies.

“Cross-ice play puts players in situations where they’re in a confined area and have to make quick decisions and skilled plays under pressure,” said New Jersey Devils head coach John Hynes. “We do it to evaluate our players under those circumstances, where they have to read and react in game situations. We’ll use it as a regular part of our practice, where players can compete, and there’s a lot of individual development that comes out of it.”

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Mite Development Update

Methuen Youth Hockey Association
2015-2016 Mite Development Program

Are you interested in registering your child for what I know is going to be an awesome year of Mite Hockey?!  If so, read some of the information below to learn more about our program and steps for registration.  We still have room for a few more skaters!   

  • Requirements:
    • Birth years to register are 2007, 2008 and 2009
    • At least one year of learn to play/learn to skate completed
  • Each Mite will receive one game jersey and one pair of game socks
  • The MDP will include approximately 25 practice sessions and 25 in-house cross ice games
    (What is Cross Ice?  Click HERE to learn more)
  • The MDP focuses on FUN first along with skill development.  Mites are more likely to learn and develop when they are engaged and loving what they are doing!
  • The MDP focuses on affordable ice time; your child will have the best hockey experience available and you’ll be staying local
  • The program offers USA Hockey Certified Coaching and practice plans


To register online, click HERE
For questions, contact Brian Gentile ( )


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Rink Status
Methuen High - Methuen OPEN (8/30)